Softening nasolabial folds

Aging or sudden weight loss can result in deeper wrinkles between the nose and outer corners of the mouth. These folds can be very effectively softened through the application of hyaluronic acid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Aliaxin ® is used for the procedure – this contains extremely pure hyaluronic acid and is produced by Swiss company IBSA.

The gel is applied below the skin using a thin needle following local anaesthesia of the skin. The procedure takes a few minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may appear slightly red, but this can be covered using make-up, and you can go back to your standard working day activities. No recovery period is required.

The outcome is immediately apparent and lasts for at least 8-12 months. If your wrinkles are particularly deep, you can repeat the application to achieve a better outcome. If this is for the same area, an interval of 3-4 weeks is recommended. Repeated applications will prolong the effect to up to two years.

In the first days following the application (approx. 7 days) it is not recommended that you visit saunas or tanning beds. It is also recommended that you avoid excessive physical activities.

1. Clients with acute bacterial or viral infections. If this is the case, you should postpone the procedure until you are fully recovered.
2.  Pregnant and breast-feeding clients.