MINT™ PDO thread lift

PDO thread has become a popular minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift.

A MINT PDO lift is a highly effective and safe method for repositioning sagging tissue, stimulating collagen formation, improving skin structure and giving the face a firmer appearance.

PDO thread can be used to :
Lift central and lower parts of the face
Lift eyebrows (so-called foxy eyes)
Lift the tip of the nose
Smooth nasolabial folds


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to its innovative patented technology, with barbs shaped and configured into a 360 degree spiral shape, MINT™ PDO gives you the best lifting effect on the market.

This revolutionary technology allows you to achieve immediate results, while also minimising pain so that you can benefit from a shorter recovery time. It also represents an alternative to those who are not ready to undergo surgical intervention and require a minimally invasive lifting solution option. 

The treatment also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin under the surface of the skin.

A thread lift is suitable for clients with mild to medium sagging of facial structures.

Suitable candidates include

A client who wants a natural immediate facelift which is simple, safe and effective, and also requires minimum recovery time

A client who has received dermal fillers and wants to lift their face using thread to achieve harmonisation of the face.

As before any aesthetic procedure, a personal consultation is required. On the basis of an assessment of your skin and dermis quality and anatomic findings, the doctor will recommend a suitable thread lifting technique.

The surgery takes roughly 15 to 45 minutes depending on individual complexity.

After numbing the skin by injecting an anaesthetic, thin needles are gradually placed in the skin, on which lifting thread is wound with a precisely determined shape so as to achieve the required effect. At the end of the procedure, a fixation plaster is applied, and the access injections are covered in a sterile way.

Bruising and mild swelling may appear after the procedure. The procedure requires a short recovery time of 2-3 days. It is ideal to undertake the procedure prior to the weekend.