Hair mesotherapy

The hair papilla, which supplies the hair with nutrients, is very sensitive to any changes. If there is a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, the hair becomes weak, breaks and falls out. Hairs can also become thin as a result of hormonal imbalances, due to certain illnesses, stress, repeated chemical treatments, and as such we recommend consulting a doctor first before your examination.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mesotherapy of the scalp is a treatment in which nourishing substances (in “cocktail” form) are applied directly to the scalp using thin micro-needles. These substances have a positive impact on the hair root, boost hair growth, and improve micro-circulation and scalp quality.

Scalp mesotherapy is suitable for almost anyone. Hair mesotherapy is most often recommended in cases where the client’s hair is thinning, weak or falling out. It can also be indicated for healthy individuals without such problems as an intensive hair and scalp care procedure resulting in improved hair quality, and also to prevent hair from falling out.

• Nourishes and improves the quality of hair
• Promotes blood circulation in the scalp
• Revitalises hair follicles
• Stops excessive hair loss
• Promotes hair growth

Dermaheal HL (Hair Loss) is a treatment which contains vitamins, amino acids and zinc. It is generally appropriate to repeat the treatment five times depending on your particular problem (hair loss usually stops after five treatments). You will see the results in your hair after a few treatments. It significantly limits hair loss and promotes regrowth. Visible improvement to your scalp and hair is usually noticeable after 1-3 months.

•  4 biomimetic patented peptides – revitalises current hair, blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), promotes the formation of new hair
• complex of 13 vitamins – beneficial effects revitalising skin and hair follicles
• 24 amino acids – aids in the formation of hair follicles
• 5 minerals – protects the skin from adverse effects, promotes nutrient uptake
• 4 coenzymes – revitalises hair roots
• 4 nucleic acid ingredients – blocks the effects of stress and other adverse effects
• 2 reducing agents – promotes collagen formation in hair, cleanse scalp.

Before the treatment, the doctor disinfects the skin. Upon agreement with the client, a local anaesthetic is used in the form of a spray. The special healing solution is then applied using thin needles. This proceeds such that the entire area being treated is evenly covered. The procedure takes from 5 to 20 minutes.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women. The suitability of the procedure in the event of skin problems in the area to be treated is determined by a doctor.